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06 Dec 2014

Rise Against

New day, new photo’s (yes, that same old sentence) Rise Against added to PORTFOLIO, review on the OOR website (Dutch only). For the rest I’ve been quite busy with a new project coming out in the new year called Story Volumes. Site isn’t online yet but is dedicated to the stories of forward-thinking people who are focused on creativity, innovation and development. One week you might read about a talented artist, followed by an innovative start-up the next week and […]

29 Aug 2014

Papa Roach

New day, new photo’s! The OOR Review can be found here, sorry as usual, Dutch only. Papa Roach (and more) can be found HERE.

13 Mar 2014

Steel Panther added

Probably the most fun I’ve had shooting a concert. Steel Panther shot for OOR Magazine. (Click OOR for the (dutch) review)