Fire & Food 2022-1

Fire&Food Magazine publication

Right after the lockdown I was contacted by Fire&Food magazine to meet up at Smokey Goodness and shoot Jord’s World of Fire workshop where master BBQ chef Jord Althuizen (and his team) gave us a masterclass full of fantastic live-fire cooked treats for us. Live cooking on fire, doesn’t get any better/hotter than that (specially since I ended up slightly singeing an eyebrow and my arm in the process).

Fire & Food 2022-1

Jord Althuizen for Fire & Food Magazine

You can find the full version under Publications

New publication

Corona has putten quite the damper on events. Things are (for now) looking up a bit so let’s hope this pandemic is under control. However, it’s been hard on photographers (me included). So when I was asked to shoot for the local theater I was ecstatic. To promote the new (Corona-proof) season, the Stadsgehoorzaal invited three acts to perform last Sunday. The weather was fantastic and everyone was sitting outside on the terraces enjoying the sun and surprise acts.

Poubelle, Teatro Pavana & Cabaret d’Amour entertained people with their short sets before moving to another bar to do their set there. Let’s hope this gets some butts back in the theater! You can find some more photo’s under Event Photography in my portfolio.

You can read about it (sorry, Dutch only) at

Pregnancy shoot

Honestly, I don’t do many shoots like this, but if I am asked, it’s always an honor to make photos this close to birth.

Customers happy and they already have a new shoot in mind when the kid has a spot in the busy schedule.

If you would like to book me for a shoot, get in touch for my rates.



I love events like these…

The Moestuin festival was held last Saturday at the city theater. Every nook and cranny was used for this event. There were fashion shows, standup comedy, loads of music and foods to try from all over the world, all made by locals. Be it born and bred from Vlaardingen, or come over as refugee from Syria, all came together and organised it.

Two local reviews (sorry, Dutch only):


Perfect Light in Photo

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