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Kroepoekfabriek, Music, Vlaardingen

Bart van Dorp, new manager for the Kroepoekfabriek

Just a quick update with a new publication for the Kroepoekfabriek. Recently the new manager Bart van Dorp was introduced to the world, but that meant I had to keep my trap shut for at least a week as I already new after making his new introduction photo’s. This photo was chosen as main photo […]

Event Photography, news, Vlaardingen

I love events like these…

The Moestuin festival was held last Saturday at the city theater. Every nook and cranny was used for this event. There were fashion shows, standup comedy, loads of music and foods to try from all over the world, all made by locals. Be it born and bred from Vlaardingen, or come over as refugee from […]