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27 Jan 2020

I love events like these…

The Moestuin festival was held last Saturday at the city theater. Every nook and cranny was used for this event. There were fashion shows, standup comedy, loads of music and foods to try from all over the world, all made by locals. Be it born and bred from Vlaardingen, or come over as refugee from Syria, all came together and organised it. Two local reviews (sorry, Dutch only): https://deschiedammeronline.nl/detail-uitdekunst/moestuin-festival-wordt-geprolongeerd https://www.vlaardingen24.nl/nl/nieuws/uit-cultuur/moestuin-theaterfestival-druk-bezocht/27469  

24 Feb 2019

Come on in, the water’s great!

I’ve always been in for a challenge, however when I was asked to photograph a dancefestival in a swimmingpool I didn’t say yes right away. I needed to find out if my gear would be up to it. As most of my gear is weathersealed I SHOULD be ok, and having read up on experiences of other people, I decided to say yes. Hot and humid is an understatement. Took at least half an hour to get my lenses used […]

09 Apr 2017

Sailing on a tug boat on a sunny afternoon.

I love photographing unexpected events. Last week I was asked by the Kroepoekfabriek to keep my Saturday morning and afternoon to shoot an event on a special location. This location turned out to be the Elbe. A seaworthy tug boat built in 1959. Sidenote: I love sailing. The first few years of my life was spent on board of several ships where my dad was head engineer, and many a summer vacation was spent on board, well, as long as […]